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Spring on Stone- 石上清泉
Web Novel (Chinese)
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In life, there are eight sufferings for human beings: birth, aging, illness, death, being apart from loved ones, being together with those you hate, not getting what you want, and the suffering of the flourishing Five Skandhas.

These eight sufferings, Zhou Qing had experienced it all.

After she died, her soul lingered to witness the tragic deaths of her loved ones, the enemy took her child’s place in enjoying all the wealth and glory. She hated, till her heart turned stone yet she was unable to do anything.

It was most likely that because of Zhou Qing’s sincere prayer in front of Buddha that she ultimately once again opened her eyes. But this time Zhou Qing had returned to the time four years before her death.

For a son, a mother had to be strong. In this lifetime, she could not afford to die.