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She was once a poor woman who died at the hands of a villain, her husband. Now, having read the story in the novel before being reborn, she knew. She knew that this woman was the real villain, not the husband.

She became that wicked woman. 

Not wishing to die in her husband’s own hands, she becomes the villain. She must absolve him of the title and direct him to walk on a clear path. She has only one goal: to change the tragic ending where they both meet their death- an end where they die at each other’s hands. She will make known to everyone the righteousness of her husband and dissolve the misconception that people already have of him.


“These are a lot of boxes!”

“Ah, yes. I know your birthday has passed, but I wanted to celebrate it today anyway… And all your birthdays so far.”

“All of it? All of my birthdays so far?”


“Twenty-two! That sounds like a lot of money.”

“For you, nothing is a lot of money.”

What is she to do with him? She constantly feels warmth from him. She knew she could never find a husband so kind and gentle anywhere.

He is so handsome. He seems shy too. His cheeks are slightly red when he smiles at her with his eyelids folded at the corners of his eyes. He is an angel on earth. 

Mr. Author, why did you make my husband into such a villain?