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Take 1:

In the third grade of primary school, the teacher asked everyone about their dreams for the future.

Qu Zhi neatly wrote down three words in his homework book – a scientist.

Zheng Baozhu crookedly wrote down three words in her homework book – a female celebrity.

At the pep rally before the college entrance examination, the class teacher soared with enthusiasm. “What kind of like do you want?”

Qu Zhi replied, “Brilliant and splendid.”

Zheng Baozhu replied, “Be adorned with brilliant jewels and pearls.” 

Take 2: 

Zheng Baozhu and Qu Zhi grew up together but they didn’t become childhood sweethearts that everyone admired but became a pair of archenemies. 

Zheng Baozhu felt that Qu Zhi was hypocritical, pretentious, and self-righteous. 

Qu Zhi felt that Zheng Baozhu was vulgar, money-loving, and only has looks. 

Everyone said that they were the least likely to become lovers. 

Two people’s small hair Cen Tong Tong threatened, “If they can be together, I’ll eat all the keyboards at home.”

Later, that very night, she threw out all 17 keyboards in her home. 

One sentence synopsis: What is the experience of falling in love with an old enemy?